Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rachel is bored

Okay, so right now it's exactly 4:29 pm on Sunday, May 9, 2009. =) Just thought i'd get those facts straight. And since I pretty much have nothing to do in my life right now, I think i'll tell ya'll about my day!
Soo today some of my family got together for lunch at Olive Garden and we had a great time. Afterwards, me and my cousins and aunt went shopping! We went to Dicks Sporting Goods, some athletic store (we were shopping for my guy cousin), some shoe store, and then me and my sister and girl cousin dragged my two guy cousins into Ulta. It was GREAT! So right now I think I might consider putting my bathing suit on and going outside and lay in the sun and be stupid....maybe i'll swim. I don't know!

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!