Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Might go to Ulta Today!!

Good morning! It's 8:21 am and i'm really bored so i'm telling you about how I might get to go shopping at ULTA today. I really hope I, i'll tell you what i'm going to get there!! I really want to get this perfume (and I know what you all are thinking: Oh God, not another perfume for Rachel.) well I want this one to be able to bring to school to put on after PE...cuz you know how horrible you smell after you've been running around the parking lot-_- (don't ask). I want to get the small bottle of Clinique Happy. It smells SO good. Then I want to get Urban Decay eyeliner in Deviant (which is like a blueish color). THEN I might get this eyeshadow brush that I really need. ANYWAY I hope I have enough money for all this, lol. =D HAVE A GOOD SUNDAY!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Recent Haul

Hello everybody! I just went shopping yesterday and I thought I'd share with you what I got. We went to the mall and I stopped at: Icing, Victoria's Secret, and ULTA (which is across the street from the mall). At Icing I got two pairs of earrings (well actually four since one package came with three pairs). One is big fat pink hoops, and the others are gold/diamond studs, and two pairs of small gold hoops. They were on one get one half off I think so I only paid $12 for them. Then at Victoria's Secret I got three of the Beauty Rush body sprays. They were three for $25 dollars, so I ended up giving one to my sister. She got 'Candy, Baby' and I got 'A Slice of Heaven', and 'Coconut Craze.' I love the sprays & perfumes from Victoria's<3. THEN my final destination was ULTA, which is a makeup/perfume/any girl's heaven store. I got a lipgloss there...and that's it LOL. It's a Wetslicks lipgloss and it was 8 bucks!! Soo expensive. I was goig to get a perfume and an eyeshadow and possibly a new mascara but I wanted to save my money 'cause everything's expensive there. The perfume I wanted was Gwen Stefani something *the ones with the little japanese ladies on them* in 'G.' It smells REALLY good. But sister got a perfume there since she had money. She got Pink Sugar which if you know, is my favorite perfume of all time. SO ANYWAY!! I'm glad you enjoyed my little shopping adventures teehee<333.