Sunday, December 7, 2008

Top Ten Reasons to <3 Edward Cullen!

1. He's a vampire<3

2. He's drop-dead sexy

3. He sparkles!

4. He's fast and strong

5. His hair is amazing...haven't you seen it?

6. He's so in love with Bella<33

7. He has passion and trust

8. Did I mention he's sexy?

9. He can read people's minds *who wouldn't want that?

10. He's from Twilight, he's DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, he's popular and many young teenagers fall at his feet even though he's a fictional character!!! AHHH EDWARD!!!!!!!


Renee said...

i love # 2 and 8

he is very sexy!

Harry Potter said...

what do you mean by reason #1?

you love this boy because he is able to eat you?

Trish said...

YES! vampires are just wait, only edward is.

Harry Potter said...


(robert pattinson's nose conects to his forehead wierdly)

Twilight said...

OMG! I like his nose and his hair and ....Uh IDK
But there is NOTHING wrong with his nose.

Twilight said...

I think Robert Pattinson is sexier than the dude that plays Jasper! But you can like who ever you want to like.