Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight (the movie)

Good evening everybody! You'll never guess what I just I'll go ahead and tell you. I just saw the movie Twilight this morning for a second time in a row. It was that good! If you are a huge fan of the Twilight books then I highly recommend you see the movie. It was awesome. And yes, the book is still better but I was suprised at how good the movie actually was. It follows close to the book and the events are the same except for a few. It really was a good movie and I recommend it for fans of the book.


Renee said...

I am in LOVE WITH THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean i liked the book better but the movie omg i loved it and i am really excitied that more people are now going to read the book it is soo great!!!!!

Renee said...

And btw i would have voted for edward

Harry Potter said...

No, the movie SUCKED
(no pun intended)
the book was sooo much better

the best part of it was watching pattinson and his artificial hottness

(OMG, notice how much makeup he's wearing!!)

Renee said...

you used to really like him!!
remember the whole british red head thing?

Twilight said...

I think everyone should think Robert Pattinson is hot. I love the movie OMG! I love the book too. The first time i saw the movie I wasnt't done reading the book. I still read it though! LOl!