Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Might go to Ulta Today!!

Good morning! It's 8:21 am and i'm really bored so i'm telling you about how I might get to go shopping at ULTA today. I really hope I, i'll tell you what i'm going to get there!! I really want to get this perfume (and I know what you all are thinking: Oh God, not another perfume for Rachel.) well I want this one to be able to bring to school to put on after PE...cuz you know how horrible you smell after you've been running around the parking lot-_- (don't ask). I want to get the small bottle of Clinique Happy. It smells SO good. Then I want to get Urban Decay eyeliner in Deviant (which is like a blueish color). THEN I might get this eyeshadow brush that I really need. ANYWAY I hope I have enough money for all this, lol. =D HAVE A GOOD SUNDAY!!!


Renee said...

lol another perfume for rachel!! <3

Renee said...