Saturday, November 8, 2008

Perfumes you Should Try

Hey guys!! Just thought I'd make a little something of my favorite perfumes. Okay here we go: First off my favorite is this perfume called Pink Sugar. ~It's the picture to the right~.Ahov has it, too! ;) Anyway it's from Aquolina *I think that's how you spell it* and you can get it from any perfume store or Sephora. It smells like cotton candy, sugar cookies, sugar...etc. Really good! Next is from Aeropostale and it's called Promise Me. ~Picture to the top left~. It comes in a blue bottle and it smells AMAZING--it smells really light and kind of fruity?, but it smells good. Another one I really like is called Can Can by Paris Hilton. (hate the girl, love her perfume). You can also get it at any perfume smells really good and fun and flirty kind of? Oh well, it's really good. Another one I really like is called Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana. I don't have it yet but hopefully i'm getting it soon. It smells like light blue, like the ocean and very sweet. Another one I like is called Vanilla Lace and you can get it at Victoria's Secret. It smells very good *vanilla* and hopefully you all know what Vanilla smells like...! The last one is...this isn't really a perfume but, it's called Sea Island Cotton and it's a body spray from Bath and Body works. It smells so fresh and clean and AMAZING!! You should also check out Pink from Victoria's Secret that's all really good!! ~The picture at the very top~. Well thanks for reading my review or whatever and have a nice day!!


Renee said...



Renee said...

what is that blue one?? and where did you get it

Trish said...

What blue one? The Aeropostale or Light Blue??