Monday, November 10, 2008

Review: Softlips

Hello! Just thought that I'd make another review on lip balm this time instead of perfumes. Sooo I went to the store about a week ago and picked up the best lip item ever!! Wondering what it is???'s called Softlips!! The most amazing chapstick ever. Softlips goes on SO smooth and it has spf 20 in it to "moisturize and sooth your chapped or windburnt lips." lol...They come in a pack with two sticks and you can pick it up at any drugstore including Wal-mart or Target. (You can probably get it at other stores I just don't know where, I got mine at CVS.) They don't cost much and the flavors are amazing. I have winter mint and vanilla and they're awesome. You can also get strawberry and cherry, raspberry, pomegranate, Pure Honey due, pearl, and many more. Check it out because it's the BEST!

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Renee said...

lol and where did you get this obsession??