Thursday, April 2, 2009

If I Were a Dog lyrics

If I were a dog
even just for a day
I'd wake up in a crate in the morning,
thinkin, 'What the heck just happend to me?'
I'd wake up my owner
by licking their face
I could chew on what I wanted,
and use the bathroom all over the place
and never get fussed..
*If I were a dog
I don't think I could understand
what it's like to have your butt sniffed
and eat disgusting food from a can
I wouldn't listen to anyone
and i'd probably get hurt
when I lose the toy I wanted
'cause I was being taunted
and my owner was mad with me*
If I were a dog
I would chase after cats
Bark at absolutely nothing
and then i'd go and pee on a mat
Drink out of the toilet
and destroy everything
Then i'd put on my cute face
So they wouldn't even consider blaming me
'cause they think i'm so cute
It's a little too late to sleep on the couch
Yes, I made a mistake
Now i'm off to my dog house
If you thought I would sleep with youu..
You thought wrong!
But you're just a dog
you don't understand..
yeah, you don't understand! HEY!
How to feels for me to pet you,
and for me when you lick my hand
You don't listen to me!
You never follow the rules!
Sit, stay, shake hands, no..
You just wanna sit there and drool.
'Cause you're just a dog....

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