Monday, March 23, 2009

'Bertha' Ideas

Okay, first of all this post is generally directed towards a certain someone and after she reads it, I'm probably going to delete it. Here's my idea for the whole Bertha series:
~~We need to re-make the first episode, obviously...(since I deleted it) :D -my bad-. I was thinking the first episode can be of Bertha talking and describing her entire life....For this episode we need a plasic life-sized baby doll (you know what i'm talking about?) so if you have one, COUGH IT UP! =D and if not and you know someone who has one, ask to borrow it. Or i'll just find one someway somehow. BUUUTT...we need it cuz it has to show Bertha as a baby (we have to show her getting thrown at the front door of her new parents' house) I'd have to talk to you more about my other ideas, ut it seems like fun and we need funnier videos on youtube since our best videos are too long =(.

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Laurie said...

I featured your April Fools Day pranks on Tip Junkie today. Thanks for your inspriation!