Sunday, March 22, 2009

April Fool's Pranks!

Okay so--April Fool's day is coming up, right? Let's say you want to actually pull off a decent prank this year and you can't come up with anything. Stuck? Well, you could google it (like I did) but today i'm going to give you a few of my ideas for a good prank on April Fools.

1.) Salt on the Toothbrush- Pretty funny--take someone's toothbrush in your family and sprinkle a little salt on it before they brush their teeth.

2.) Upside Down- Find a room in your house and turn everything (or mostly everything) upside down.

3.) Switchin' Some Cereal- Remove the bags of cereal out of every cereal box in your house and switch them around. So when they think they're about to eat Special K--they're really gonna get Captain Crunch! (or any cereal of your choice. lol)

4.) Toilet Paper Prank- Get a marker and unroll the toilet paper in one bathroom. Write some goofy message on it that lasts a longgg time. :)

5.) Balloon Gag- This may take a while, but blow up tons of balloons and stuff them in the victim's car

6.) Alarm Clock- change the time of your victim's clock to two hours earlier or two hours later while they're sleeping, so when they wake up they're in for a surprise.

7.) Prank That Requires No Work- Just tell the victim you're plotting an april fool's day joke on them--then do nothing at all. It'll drive them crazy all day trying to figure out what you're going to do

8.) Shoes- Tie the shoelaces of all of your victim's shoes together and watch as they discover it.

9.) Slippery Door- Squirt some liquid soap onto the door knob of the victim's door. Then watch as they try to open it.

10.) Room T'Ped- This one's easy--just T'P the victim's room! But know that you'll probably be the one who has the clean up the mess ;)

~Well there ya have it! Just a few clever April Fools Day pranks for you incase you're ready to pull one on somebody. HAVE FUN!!!

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