Friday, March 20, 2009

My New Favorite Female Singer!!

Lol, Okay you guys. I have officially fallen in love with Beyonce's music. HANDS DOWN....I love her songs. My current favorite one right now is: HALO! OMG, if you haven't even heard this song yet, you need it. It's so pretty and it's stuck in my head all the time. And of course, Single Ladies...i'm attempting to learn the dance and failing at it. My friend knows the entire thing. And then I also like Diva and If I Were a Boy. Even some of her old songs like Irreplaceable...BUTTTT....mostly I just wanted to make this post to tell you how great Halo is. My FaVoRiTe SoNg RiGhT nOw!!!

1 comment:

Hailey said...

I hate Halo.
i put that on my ANNOYING SONGS list.